July 26, 2017


Thank you for considering helping us! Community helpers need help themselves sometimes!

There are many ways you can help:

  1. Donation is always appreciated.
  2. If you’re a young musician, let us know if you would like to be considered for the next concert in your area! We will require an audition CD/video link and performers need to demonstrate ability and/or willingness to improve to a level suitable for concerts – this is in fact part of Rescue Music Foundation’s mission: to challenge you to get better to help others!
  3. If you’re a parent, let us know if you can help identify local concert venues, help fundraise, deal with the logistics of the concerts (hall rental, insurance, ticketing/donation collection etc). Parents of performing young musicians are expected to help out to some extent.
  4. If you’re a nonprofit, let us know your story on why we should set up a benefit concert to fundraise for your organization. And please help promote the concert to your usual donors.
  5. Contact us to help out the Foundation itself by dealing with the website, email, logistics of Foundation operations etc.
  6. Contact us to make any suggestion.
  7. Please help spread the word about us!